Clampmeters AC

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Clampmeters AC

In this section you’ll find our large selection of clamp meters for AC current measurements. We have a clamp meter for every situation, some even with multimeter functions. No matter if you need a small pocket instrument or large, advanced meter for high currents, we’ll provide the right solution. You’ll find instruments with advanced functions like min/max, peak and hold, inrush function and VFD function for true reading downstream variable frequency drives. Pay special attention to TRMS or True RMS capability, crucial when measuring on electronics, not consuming clean sine signals.

Amongst the many other functions, some special features should be highlighted. That is open clamp multimeters, power meters to measure 1 phase and 3 phase balanced power, and flexible clamps. All making measurement and connection much easier. All clamps are electrical category CAT III or IV, designed for the professional user.