EAN 5706445500222 / EL-NR 8798339098

Elma 9015 True RMS AC/DC Clamp multimeter

Measures 1000V voltage and 600A current

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Elma 9015 is a clever and rugged clamp multimeter, measuring true RMS current and voltage AC/DC. The instrument is very handy and with great specs it can deliver true and precise results in every environment. The instrument is provided with a large, backlit display and offers both min/max, peak, hold and relative functions. The instrument measures current AC/DC, voltage AC/DC, resistance, frequency, capacity, duty cycle and temperature. Using the clever peak hold function in the current function, the peak load is easily visible, making troubleshooting fast and easy. The relative function is very smart when zero adjusting at e.g. a nominal voltage making variations from nominal very easy to interpret. Overall the Elma 9015 is a very covering instrument for electrical measurement and troubleshooting . Elma 9015 fulfills EN601010-1 CAT IV 600V and is provided ready to use incl. test leads, batteries, manual, temperature probe (-20…+250°C, other probes available) in protective bag.