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Elma 9400 milliamp AC/DC TRMS clamp multimeter

Leakage currents on both AC and DC

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Elma 9400 is an unique instrument, combining AC and DC leakage- and milli amp measurements. Furthermore Elma 9400 offers standard multimeter functions.

Elma 9400 is indispensable for automotive, electronics and electrical installation, combining high resolution AC and DC leakage measurements. This means that Elma 9400 can be used for many purposes. Find the part of the car discharging the battery with DC, or the traditionel AC leakage in the switch board with shuts off the RCD or the DC component from the electronics, dangerously diabling RCD functionality. Elma 9400 can also be used to measure charinging currents on small DC charging circuits, battert loads and small loads like e.g. the light in the car. Elma 9400 clamp multimeter covers it all.

Elma 9400 measures 0,1mA…10,00A DC and 0,1mA…20,00A AC and is provided with standard DMM functions like voltage- and resistance measurement. The instrument fulfills CAT IV and is delivered ready to use with bag, batteries, testleads and manual.