EAN 5706445630066 / EL-NR 6398210205

Elma X one - True RMS multi and voltage tester

- with open current clamp

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With Elma X One, Elma is reinventing the voltage tester. Never have there been so many smart and well though out functions in one instrument. Elma X One is a smart true RMS multitester which combines the voltage tester with open current clamps in a very slim design. Suitable for work with the power on.

  • Perfect for measuring on charging sockets and charging stands EVSE for electric cars
  • Voltage test, 2 pole with LEDs 12...1.000V AC/DC
  • True RMS voltage measurement with display 7...1.000V AC/DC
  • True RMS current measurement with very slim cucrrent clamps 0-200A
  • Resistance measurement 0-50kΩ and continuity test
  • Voltage test, 1 pole, indicating phase
  • Phase rotation test, 2 pole
  • Large clear illuminated display and bright LEDs
  • Self-test and auto on/off function
  • True voltagetest also without batteries - suitable for work with the power on
  • Meets the voltage tester directive for working with the power off
  • Very powerfull interchangeable test leads with 4mm standard plug
  • Interchangeable test leads tips 2/4mm
  • Built-in powerful flashlight
  • Comes with handy bag for the belt

Elma X One complies with IEC 61010-1 Cat IV 600V / IEC 61243-3:2014 and comes complete with batteries, test leads, manuel and handy bag

Technical data:

  • Voltage indication LED:
    12, 24, 50, 120, 230, 400, 690 & 1000V AC/DC
  • Digital display LCD:
    7.0–1000V AC/DC
  • Test current
    < 3.5mA
  • Current
    0-200.0A AC
  • Voltage detector (1 pole)
    90-1000V AC
  • Resistance
  • Phase roration
    2 pole, 90-1000V 45-65Hz
  • Working temperature
  • Safety
    IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 600V / CAT III 1000V. IEC 61243-3:2014
  • Protection class
  • Display:
  • Clamp opening
  • Battery
    2x1,5V LR03 (inkl.)
  • Dimensions
    220x57x35 mm
  • Weight
    220 g