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ATP Motor genie motor tester. All necessary functions at hand

The perfect tool for trouble shooting, start-up and quality control of low voltage AC induction motors. Trouble Shooting: Know in a few minutes what the problem is: connections or cable, electrical or mechanical, coil, internal fault or ground fault. Start-up: Make sure electrical motors, connections and cables are working in top condition. Quality Assurance. Test new and stored spare motors. Test repaired motors to find irregularities or a possible faulty repair with different wire sizes, or wiring configuration. Revolutionary tester goes far beyond what you can see with only a Meg-OHM-Meter! Safe: De-energized testing Easy: As easy to use as any Megohm-meter or multimeter Light: 1 pound, hand-held Batteries: They last for up to 10 hours of testing Best Value: Costs less than a good Meg-Ohm-Meter offering a quick return on your investment What you will find with the MOTOR GENIE: Internal winding faults: Turn-to-turn, coil to coil, open windings and continuity Contaminated windings: Grease, dirt and liquids, corrosion Bad cables or connections: Broken or damaged, corroded or loose connections Insulation to ground faults: Choose 500 or 1000 volt test, read to 500MΩ Phase unbalance: Z-unbalance = Higher electric bills and shorter motor life The instrument is delivered ready to use incl. rechargeable battery, mains supply/charger, test leads, crocodile clips and manual on CD.

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ATP Motor genie motor tester. All necessary functions at hand

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