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Elma 5800 – Digital insulation tester with True RMS multimeter function

Wireless PC communication, IP67, temperature measurement and CAT IV 600 V

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Elma 5800 combines the insulation test with a True RMS multimeter. The instrument shows its worth when combining accurate measurements with locating a problem in an installation. With a CAT IV 600V the instrument complies with most installations.

The multimeter is equipped with wireless PC communication, and combined with a Windows pc, the instrument can be used as a data recorder. The large display shows multiple values at the same time.

Elma 5800 has an easy user interface and provides a wide range of measurements. In excess of standard multimeter functions, the multimeter provides Duty cycle, temperature and 4-20mA signal measurement in percent. The insulation tester can provide 1000V and measures as low as 1kΩ. Elma 5800 complies with EN6136 and EN61010-1 CAT IV 600V and being IP class 67, the instrument can be used in almost all kind of environments. The instrument is delivered complete incl. rubber housing and bag, test leads, temperature probe (-50°C - +250°C), USB cable and software, batteries and user manual.

Technical data:

  • Memory:
  • Display :
    Backlit LCD
  • Communication:
    USB; Bluetooth
  • Software included:
  • AC A accuracy:
    ±1,5% + 30dg (AC)
  • AC A range:
    0-10 A AC
  • AC V accuracy:
    ±1% + 30dg (AC
  • AC V range:
    0-1000V AC
  • Battery:
    6x 1,5V LR6 (inkl.)
  • DC A accuracy:
    1 % + 3dg (DC)
  • DC A range:
    0-10 A DC
  • DC V accuracy:
    0,06% + 4dg (DC)
  • DC V range:
    0-1000V DC
  • Dimensions:
    220x96,5x60,5 mm
  • Duty Cycle:
  • Memory:
    Logger op til 30.000 Målinger
  • Insulation resistance range:
  • Insulation resistance resolution:
  • Insulation resistance test voltage:
    125, 250, 500 og 1000V
  • Resistance range:
  • Net weight:
  • Temperature accuracy:
    ±1% + 2,5°C
  • Temperature range:
  • Test current A:
  • Displaying:
  • Insulation resistance measurement:
    125 V; 250 V ; 500 V ; 1000 V
  • Voltage measurement:
  • Battery:
    6 pcs, AA, Incl.
  • Weight (g):
  • Dimensions HxBxD (mm):
    220 x 97 x 61