Smoke Cartridges

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Smoke Cartridges

Smoke cartridges are used in a variety of applications where the visualization of airflow is necessary, e.g. ventilation, exhaust, HVAC and leak detection, chimneys etc. Smoke cartridges offers safe and visual test.

Our smoke cartridges emits a clean, non-oil based, particle smoke. This means that the particles will not stick to the surfaces. The smoke is usable in any environment, is non-hazardous and will not damage membranes in e.g. smoke and dust protection masks. The smoke has the same density as atmospheric air, which gives a very sustaining smoke, and is neutral meaning that no chemical reaction will take place when in contact with surfaces.

Still, of course, pay attention if used inside or in sensible areas, as the particles will settle as a layer of dust. Use type “Pure”, containing no chlorides in sensible areas.

Many sizes and colors are available. Only a selection is shown here.


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