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MINIAX Smoke cartridge

3g, 2,5m³, 100 pcs., 45 seconds, Grey smoke

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3g, 2,5m³, 100 pcs., 45 seconds, Grey smoke, MINIAX smoke cartridge. Smoke cartridges can be used for lots of applications and is ideal for test of ventilation, leak test etc. Smoke cartridges provides visible security when testing ventilation and other application, as you can see the air and the air movement. Our smoke cartridges emits a particle smoke. The smode is not oil based meaning that no oil film will cover the surroundings. The particle smoke can be used in every location and will not damage membranes in smoke protection masks. The smoke is in the same density as the air and no chemical reaction will take place when in contact with surfaces. This smoke cartridge is only one of our wide range of smoke cartridges. Other sizes, colours and types are available.

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