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VoltStick® PRO 230

Selective voltage indicator

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Voltstick® Pro 230, with the unique fork shape tip, provides excellent selectivity, with max sensitivity when the wire or cable is places in the fork tip. When outside the tip, the sensitivity is low, minimizing the affects of external noise. 

The wire or cable under test is placed between in the fork shaped tip for measurement. To test cables with larger diameter than the tip, the supplied adapter ust be used. The adapter is to be found under the battery cover.

  • Unique and patented, fork shaped tip, for high selectivity and minimized risk of wrong indication
  • Separate wires can easily be measured, also in the stuffed fuse board og junction box
  • Powerful, red light on the tip, indicates detection
  • Fully insulated for high safety

The instrument is provided ready to use, including batteries and fulfills safety IEC61010 CAT III 1000V

Technical data:

  • Voltage
    230...1000V AC
  • Frequency
  • Battery
    2 stk. AAA (Inkl.)
  • Dimensions
    Max Ø18mm x 146mm
  • Weight