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Elma Tohm-e Schuko socket tester with earth resistance

The fastest check before the plug is pushed in the socket, including earth resistance

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The world's fastest ground resistance test, built in a socket tester. For the appliance fitter, or anyone who connects electrical appliances.

Elma Tohm-e checks that the phase, neutral and earth are installed correctly and, quite uniquely, also tests the transition resistance to earth. It will not be easier and faster to verify, e.g. before connecting appliances.

Tohm-e is available with both a Danish EDB plug and Schuko, and the plug can be rotated around itself so that the value is always visible. The clear display lights up and is easily visible in all conditions. The display indicates with a clear red color if the ground resistance is so high that you should pay attention.

Tohm-e does not use batteries, as it is powered by the socket during testing, and is delivered ready to use with a manual.

Technical data:

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