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Elma Paint Check ® - Micron meter - Measurement of coating w
Elma Paint Check ® is the ideal thickness gauge to measure coatings, such as paint and varnish. It’s furthermore possible to see, whether the repaint on a car is made on top of lots of filler, or if the coating is unevenly distributed. Elma Paint Check ® uses both a magnetic measurement and eddy-current measurement principle, which means that it can measure coatings on both iron, steel and non-magnetic metals such as aluminum. Minimum thickness of magnetic base material is 0.75 mm, while that of non-magnetic materials is 0.5 mm. The clever probe design of the Elma Paint Check ® means that it can be used on curved surfaces with radius down to 25 mm, ie. motorcycle frames. Elma Paint Check ® is able to indicate the layer thickness in microns and mils and can be reset with the supplied "zero" plates. Elma Paint Check ® comes complete in a bag with a 200 micron plastic film, one iron and one aluminum zero plate, batteries and manual.
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Elma Paint Check ® - Micron meter - Measurement of coating w

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In this section, you’ll find instruments for coating thickness measurement. The instruments are capable of measuring coating thickness on metallic surfaces. This could be paint or other coatings with a resolution of µm/microns.

The instruments are available with probe fixed in the instrument and remote probes for easy access.