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Elma Vision FS321

Elma Vision FS321

Stand-alone Infrared temperature screening. Access control and face recognition.

Elma Vision FS321 can quickly and easily scan peoples temperature regardless of wearing masks or glasses. FS321 has built-in 2 applications for temperature screening:

Quick check

The person stands in front of FS31 and a quick temperature screening is performed. If the temperature exceeds the selected alarm limit, a warning will be issued.

FS321 can "pull" a relay, which can be used for a door or other control.

When connected to the Internet, either via wi-fi or LAN, the FS321 Quick Check can be accessed through the App on a smartphone or tablet.

Face recognition

Temperature scanning, relay control as Quick Check applications, but it is also possible to add face recognition and time registration. When connecting to the Internet, you can upload the person's face via Cloud software or directly in FS31 and you can manage the persons rights.

Comes with wall bracket and power supply. Ready for use.

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Elma Vision FS321

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EL-NR 6398333292

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