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Leak tests Elma TPG 250 - Gas installation test
Elma TPG 250 is a new, robust and very reliable leak test instrument with high pumping capacity. The robust manometer with zero adjustment is being protected from knocks and bumps by casing. The instrument has built-in filter that cleans the air pumped in, and is leak proof with mini ball valve and precise adjustment of pressure. Elma TPG-250 is an indispensable instrument for pressure testing of gas installations and comes complete in a durable carrying case incl. hoses, fittings and calibration document.
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Leak tests Elma TPG 250 - Gas installation test

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EL-NR 6398953203

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This is the section for the installer of boilers and gas installations. Pressurized leak test, soot test for exhaust and chimneys and CO2 test. Even a stopwatch to time your measurements.