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LoggerFlex Agribun

Part of cloud-based data/alarm system from Loggerflex

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Instead of sticking a finger in the ground, you can use a Bun agribun. It helps to keep track of your soil and can help to see when the temperature and moisture in the soil are optimal.

All the Bun products are easy use wi-fi. Adjustable upload and log interval provides the possibility of ultra-long battery life. It provides a good overview, and it is possible to share to several and different alarm intervals on different devices.

Bun helps you with the best overview, which makes it the perfect tool for collecting data over time. It can send emails, text messages and more.You have access to the history, graphs and periodic reports on any platform. Reports and graphs can also be extracted with just a few clicks.

Free version and subscription solution, contact us to hear more.

Technical data:

  • Ingress Protection (IP):
  • Kommunikation:
  • Sensor type:
    Både Intern & Ekstern probe
  • Measuring range Temp. (min):
  • Measuring range Temp. (max):
  • Best accuracy (°C):
  • Battery:
    2 pcs, AA, Inkl.
  • Diameter (mm):