EAN 5706445840007 / EL-NR 6398206727

Elma 614A Infrared thermometer with double lasersight

and 2 measurement methods - both IR and type-k probe

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Elma 614A is a new professional double thermometer which combines the advantages of a traditional thermometer with the smart and quicker infrared thermometer. Infrared measurement is perfect for measuring surfaces, while the traditional type-k thermometer is necessary if you need to measure the internal temperature. Elma 614A has an adjustable emisson factor and is equipped with backlight display, auto shut-off, min/max/average/delta function, and memory for 20 measurements. The type-k thermometer can be used together with all types of type k probes. Elma 614A is equipped with the newest technology, and a double laser marker indicating the size of the measuring spot. With a ratio of 30:1 Elma 614 is perfect for long distance measurements. On a distance of 1 meter the measuring range is only about 33mm. The instrument is delivered incl. bag, wire probe, battery and manual.

Technical data:

  • Temperature range IR
  • Accuracy
    ±1,5% or ±3°C (whatever is highest)
  • Temperature range type K
  • Accuracy
    ±1,5% or ±2°C (whatever is highest)
  • Resolution
  • Emission factor
  • Display
    3 1/2 digits
  • Max display
  • Measuring ratio
  • Battery
    1x9V 6F22 (incl.)
  • Dimensions
  • Weight