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Volt VoltStick® - Innovative voltage indicator

With light, sound and genuine flashlight- As easy and simple as it gets

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For more than 30 years ago Sagab Electronics AB invented the VoltStick® Phasen, making it possible, for the first time ever, to detect and indicate voltage without contact. Now we’re ready to launch the innovative and new VoltStick® Bright. Microprocessor controlled and highest available safety class for clever voltage detection. VoltStick® Bright is always on and ready for use and is the first voltage detector with integrated self test and battery test capability, making it the safest choice for the user, when detecting voltage. Furthermore the VoltStick® Bright is equipped with extremely bright and visible red LED tip and loud and clear acoustic warning when detecting voltage. It doesn’t get any safer, nor easier. The build in LED flashlight illuminates the measuring area in a bright white light while measuring. VoltStick® Bright offers two user selectable ranges, easily changed on the pushbutton. This makes it possible to detect voltage from as low as 20V to 1000V AC. The probe tip is designed to fit into any kind of socket, worldwide and the slim design makes VoltStick® Bright ideal to bring everywhere, even in the pocket of your shirt. VoltStick® Bright is supplied including batteries, multi language manual, is UL and CE approved complying with IEC 1010-1 Cat IV 600V.

Technical data:

  • AC V range:
    Spændingsområde 1: 100 - 1000V AC
    Spændingsområde 2: 20 - 1000V AC
  • Battery:
    2x 1,5V LR03 (inkl.)
  • Dimensions:
  • Frequency range:
  • Net weight:
  • Min Voltage Range 1 (AC):
  • Max Voltage Range 1 (AC):
  • Min Voltage Range 2 (AC) :
  • Max Voltage Range 2 (AC):
  • Min Frequency (Hz):
  • Max Frequency (Hz):
  • Battery:
    2 pcs, AAA, Inkl.
  • Weight (g):
  • Dimensions (mm):