Elma visual fiber laser VFL

Easy troubleshooting

EAN 5706445111336 / EL-NR 6398939010
Elma Visual Fiber Laser VFL is a rugged fiber optic light source used for localization of breaks, faulty splicing and damaged plugs on optic fibercables. Perfect for test of continuity and troubleshooting on damaged fibers. Elma VFL injects a bright and clearly visible red laser light in the fiber cable. Simply look at the fiber cable. If you see light there is a damage. Due to the high power 10mW output, the light will be clearly visible, even through the cable insulation. The Elma VFL is applicable in both MM and SM cables. Elma VFL is supplied with 2 setting: Constant light and flashing light. A clever protective cap protects the instrument and ensures that the instrument is not turned on by accident. Elma VFL is provided ready to use in a sleeve with manual. Batteries are not supplied (Find it in the "Accessories" tab.
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Technical data:

Laser source:
Class IIb laser
Wave lenght:
650nm ± 10nm
2 pcs. 1.5V LR03 AAA (Excl.)
Battery life:
>20 hours (Continuous mode)
2,5mm universal
Fiber type:
MM and SM
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Elma visual fiber laser VFL
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