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Elma True RMS AC+DC multimeter

Packed with features and high bandwidth

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Elma BM789 is a slim multimeter with a high bandwidth of 100kHz and true RMS measurements. Auto Check is an intelligent function that automatically detects and selects AC voltage, DC voltage and throughput test / resistance. All you have do is turn on the instrument and measure. Low Z is voltage measurement with low impedance, meaning that the measuring point is loaded and thus it is ensured that the real voltage is measured, and any induced voltage is discharged. In addition, the Elma BM789 has advanced VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) function, which means that it can measure accurate voltage according to e.g., frequency converters.

The instrument has built-in non-contact detection of electric fields, which i.a. can be used to detect electromagnetic fields from computer monitors or as a non-contact pole finder. Elma BM789 measures i.a. true RMS current, voltage, resistance, frequency, capacitance, throughput, temperature and much more.

Elma BM789 has an illuminated display with analog bargraph for easy and fast reading. The instrument is equipped with automatic / manual range selection, relative measurement, Peak hold, min / max, data hold and intelligent auto power off.

The instrument is very safe and solid, despite the sleek design. It is equipped with highly efficient fuses and complies with IEC 61010-1 CAT III 1000V & CAT IV 600V for maximum safety. Elma BM789 is incl. rubber jacket, test leads, temperature sensor (wire sensor -50 to + 250 ° C), battery and Danish operating instructions.

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