EAN 5703317410702 / EL-NR 6398157766

Elma Testocom 2/12

wire/cable sorting tool

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The Elma Testocom is a smart wire and cable sorting tool, which offers the opportunity to identify 12 wires at once. With multiple transmitters up to 160 wires at once. With Elma Testocom, one employee can identify and mark up multiple wires at once and test for continuity, broken wires, shorts and alike. The instrument consists of two parts. A transmitter and a receiver. With LEDs and digits on the display, the instrument identifies wires. Typically used to identify wires in data, telecom and multiple wire cables. The installation must be deenergized during test. The instrument is delivered incl. test leads with clips.

Technical data:

  • Range
  • Max resistance
  • Battery
    9V (Incl)
  • Dimensions (in bag)
  • Weight