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Elma Laser X360-4 line laser

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Now is your chance to get a high-end 3D laser, with 360˚ lasers, for perfect marking in all 3 dimensions. The Elma X360 series has many functions and a large, rechargeable Li-Ion battery that lasts all working day.

Elma Laser x360 line laser, for the professional user, uses the latest technology with green laser light, for extra clear marking. Our eyes are up to 4 times more sensitive in the green area, compared to classic red line lasers, which increases the visibility of the lines dramatically, both indoors and outdoors. So now you get perfect marking options, even at a long distance and it's over to draw lines on the wall, floor and ceiling when you e.g. must install kitchens, hang shelves and lamps up, level pipe installations or secure the floor rail to the partition battens.  

The Elma Laser x360 series shows individually, two, three or four 360˚ lines (depending on the model), for full marking in all 3 dimensions, all the way around the instrument. It is easy, and your hands are free to so you can work. All you must do is place the laser and turn it on.

Forget about time-consuming, precise setup of the instrument. Elma Laser x360 is self-leveling, and if the deviation is too large for self-leveling, the laser flashes strongly to avoid errors. In addition to horizontal and vertical 360˚ lines, you can also make straight lines at oblique angles - this is useful e.g. when measuring stairs and railings. With a lock function, the self-leveling is deactivated and the oblique angle is easily set, e.g. by placing the instrument on a standard camera tripod or the supplied magnetic angle adapter. When the instrument is locked, it indicates with a short flash approximately every 3 seconds, so you do not mistakenly think that lines are plumb. As extra security, the Elma Laser x360 cannot be switched off when the transport lock is disengaged, this prevents the suspension against transport damage, which is the most common fault on line lasers - everything is thought of here.

Elma Laser X360, has been the preferred "3D" marking for 3 years since we launched the green Elma series of 360 ° lasers in 2018. The 360 ​​° lines provide full horizontal and vertical leveling all around, and the intersection points mark the exact plumb and level points, like classic dot laser. The X360 series is now available in 3 models, with distinctive features:

  • Elma Laser X360-4 with 4 pcs. 360 ° lasers and a digital display for X and Y drops on surfaces
  • New and robust optics in aluminum design
  • Upgraded optics for thinner, clearer and even clearer lines, even at long distances
  • High-capacity Li-Ion battery and adapter for Alkaline batteries in case you run out anyway
  • Robust charging socket / power supply from USB-C

The Elma Laser X360 series is ready for use with Li-Ion battery and USB-C charger / power supply, Alkaline adapter, and magnetic bracket in nylon bag. Standard ¼ threads for 3-foot mounting.

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Technical data:

  • Ingress Protection (IP):
  • Display :
  • Battery:
    Li-Ion + Alkaline
  • Horizontal accuracy:
  • Enclosure class:
  • Laser:
  • Laser class:
  • Net weight:
  • Tripod thread:
  • Vertical angle accuracy:
  • Visual distance max. of light conditions (m):
  • Max distance with detector (m):
  • Horizontal accuracy (mm/100m):
  • Battery:
    1 pcs, AA, Li-Ion, Incl.
  • Weight (g):