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Elma Easy flex SPECIAL KIT - strong case and headset 641

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Elma Easy Flex is an innovative instrument that is used to find leaks in all pressure equipment such as compressed air, steam and gas installations as well as pneumatic systems.
Elma Easy Flex detects sound in a frequency range around 40 kHz, this range is not audible to humans. Leaking compressed air and electrical flashes (sparks) produce e.g. ultrasound at this level. The microphone's capture of the ultrasound is converted in the instrument into an audible sound image in the supplied standard headphones, this sound image is proportional to the size of the leak and depends on the distance to it.
The operation of the instrument is very simple. You can quickly and efficiently find and repair leaks, with great savings as a result. If the ambient noise is very high, it is advantageous to use a hearing protector with built-in headphones (optional equipment), as these reduce the impact of the ears from outside noise.
Elma Easy Flex is delivered complete in a powerful case with headphones (over ear) and battery 

Technical data:

  • Frequency (kHz) min:
  • Frequency (kHz) max:
  • Battery:
    1 pcs, 9V, Inkl.
  • Weight (g):