EAN 5706445840335 / EL-NR 6398206730

Elma DT178A Acceleration- and vibration data logger

3 axis mini data logger

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Elma DT178A is a 3 axis acceleration- and vibration datalogger. The instrument is suitable for documenting acceleration forces (g) from vibration and shock, e.g. in transport or production. Elma DT178A records 3 axis data, providing a full documentation, available as a graph og list rapport from the free software. The logging interval can be set from 50ms to 12 hours. The instrument can also record online data to the software and FFT analysis. The instrument is provided ready to use, incl. software, battery and surface mount.

Technical data:

  • Acceleration range
  • Accuracy
  • Resolution
  • Bandwidth
    0 - 60Hz
  • Sampling rate
    256 Hz
  • Sampling interval
  • Memory
    504126 point
  • Exp. battery life
    1000 hours
  • Dimensions
    130 x 30 x 25 mmv
  • Weight
    20 g
  • Working temperature
    0...40 °C.
  • Working humidity
    ≤ 90 %RH
  • Working altitude
    Max 2000 m