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Elma DT128M non destructive moist meter

Non destructive measurement in plaster, wood, concrete and other dense materials

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Elma DT128M provides a very fast way to non destructive measurement of moist in building materials and moist distribution in e.g. walls, ceilings and floors. The instrument injects a high frequency signal in the material and measures in a depht of 20-40mm in the material. Just hold the ball-tip against the surface and the moisture level is immediately shown in the large, backlit display. Elma DT128M is equipped with 2 adjustable alarm limits, auto zero adjustment, min/max, auto power off and display hold. The instrument is provided ready to use, incl batteries and manual.

Note: The material to be measured must be at least 20-40mm thickness to provide a valid reading.

Technical data:

  • Depending on the probe:
  • Display :
  • Non-destructive moisture detection:
  • Destructive measurement:
  • Laser sight for surface temperature:
  • Battery:
    3 pcs, AAA, Incl.
  • X Weight (g):
  • Dimensions HxWxD (mm):