EAN 5706445840038 / EL-NR 6398206552

Elma DT-172 temperature and moist data logger with display

with USB communication and software

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The Elma DT-172 is a smart data logger with internal sensors for both moist and temperature. All values are shown in the display, that is present, max, min and time. The logger is perfect for many different applications like office enviroment or temperature controlled transportation. The loggings are stamped with time and date and the large memory enables logging of 16,000 datasets. In the software alarms limits can be programmed and the loggings are easily transferred and printet as graph or list. The Elma DT-172 is delivered ready to use with battery, wall mount, software, USB cable and manual.

Technical data:

  • Battery:
    1x3,6V 1/2AA litium, inkl.
  • Battery life:
    1 år, afhængig af brug
  • Dimensions:
  • Humidity range:
  • Memory:
    16.000 sæt målinger
  • Logging interval:
    Mellem 1 sek. og 24 timer
  • Humidity accuracy:
    +/-3% RH (40…60%)
  • Net weight:
  • Temperature accuracy:
    +/-1°C (-10…40°C)
  • Temperature range: