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Elma ContiLight – 200mA continuity test with LED flashlight

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Elma ContiLight is a smart continuity tester with built in powerfull LED flashlight, indicating continuity both with light and powerfull acoustic signal. Elma ContiLight tests continuity with up to 200mA testcurrent, indicating dangerous voltage up to 400V AC/DC with light and pulsating acoustic signal. Supplied incl. testcords.

Technical data:

  • AC V voltage warning:
    50- 400V AC
  • DC V Voltage Warning:
    50- 400V DC
  • Continuity test:
  • Test voltage DC:
  • Test current A:
    >200mA, 0-10Ω; =< 10mA
  • Battery:
    9V 6F22 (Inkl.)
  • Dimensions:
    130x72x30 mm
  • Net weight:
    260 g