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Elma BM869s - 500,000 counts 100kHz bench multimeter in a handheld instrument

- True RMS AC + DC with low pass filter

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Elma BM869s is a handheld multimeter with the same features and characteristics as a bench multimeter. The instrument is ideal for anyone with great demands regarding accuracy, bandwidth and very high resolution.

Elma BM869s is equipped with a large 500,000 counts display and fast analog bar graph with the option of illuminating the display. As a new feature, the color of the display is paper white with black lettering for easier reading. The dual display enables the user to read two results simultaneously, for example frequency and voltage.

The meter measures true RMS AC + DC voltage and current with 100 kHz bandwidth and frequency, resistance, capacitance, conductance, temperature, differential temperature, duty cycle (% / kHz), gain (dBm), diode and continuity. A new feature in Elma BM869s is the built-in VFD feature that makes the instrument capable of measuring true values after a frequency converter. The instrument also offers process control, and on a 4-20mA signal the instrument can show how much current is in %.

Elma BM869s has a wide range of additional functions, including data hold, memory, min / max, average, difference, peak, peak / peak with extra fast response time 1ms, auto power off, frequency filter, reset and relative function.

With PC communication and the included Windows software, it is possible to make online data logging, where the measured data can be displayed as: Digital display, analogue display, curve / graph and table. With the instrument connected to a PC via USB, the data stored in intervals down to 1 second.

The instrument is UL Listed, tolerates overload can not be misused, warns of incorrect connection and meets the most stringent safety requirements including IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 1000V. The instrument is equipped with highly efficient fuses with control function, is double insulated and comes complete incl. Windows software PC cable, wire temperature sensor, instruction manual, battery, test leads and sturdy rubber cover.

Technical data:

  • DC V accuracy:
    ±0,02% + 2D
  • DC V range:
  • AC V range:
  • AC V accuracy:
    ±0,3% + 20D
  • True RMS:
  • Duty Cycle:
  • DC A range:
  • DC A accuracy:
    ±0,1% + 20D
  • AC A range:
  • AC A accuracy:
    ±0,5% + 50D
  • Resistance range:
  • Resistance accuracy:
  • Capacity range:
  • Frequency range:
    10Hz - 200kHz
  • Frequency accuracy:
    ±0,02% + 4D
  • Continuity test:
    Akustisk signal: 20-200Ω
  • Temperature range:
    -50…1000°C (medleveret føler -50…250°C)
  • Battery:
    9V 6F22 (inkl.)
  • Net weight (kg):
  • Dimensions:
    208 x 103 x 64,5 mm