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Elma B-Scope 800 wireless endoskop

Look even at inaccessible places

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Whether or not it is the cable that has been lost in the partition, the inspection of the weld in the pipe or if you just must see without disconnecting, the Elma B-scope 800 is your new partner. Crystal clear 1280x720 pixel HD resolution and bright light makes the invisible visible. And with 2 cameras in the front and to the side, your days with mirrors and twists, to rotate the camera are over. With WiFi for iOS or Android devices, picture or video documentation is recorded with a single touch on e.g. your telephone.

Elma B-Scope 800 is a solid dual camera WiFi endoscope that uses your iOS or Android device as a screen.

The instrument is delivered ready for use in a bag with a built-in rechargeable battery, charging cable, fishing hook and 1-meter Ø6mm probe.

Technical data:

  • Diameter:
  • Battery:
  • Detector resolution:
    HD 1280P
  • File format:
    JPG, MOV
  • Interface: