EAN 5706445340262 / EL-NR 6398204703

Elma 92 Electro Smog Meter

Field meter Measurement of radiation from radio transmitter, mobile phones and other equipment with high frequency transmitters

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With the Elma 92 you will be able to check radiation emitted from high frequency, electrical devices in your surroundings. This is typically radiation/noise from radio, mobile or wlan transmitters or for example a shield leak in a microwave oven. Elma 92 is using a build in isotopic probe to detect electrical and magnetic field strength. The instrument has min/max/avg. function, programmable alarm limits and memory for 99 measurements. The instrument is provided with bag, battery and manual.

Technical data:

  • Range
  • 53µA/m…286.4mA/m
  • 1µW/m2…90.93W/m2
  • 0µW/cm2…3.093W/m2
  • Frequency range
  • Display
    3 ¾
  • Max display
  • Battery
    9V 6F22 (Incl.)
  • Dimensions
  • Weight