EAN 5706445340170 / EL-NR 6398204855

Elma 712 – 2 channel difference measurement thermometer

2 lines display for simultaneous display of both measurements

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Rugged, digital two channel difference measurement thermometer, for simultaneous measurement of one or two temperatures using type K thermocouples. 

The user friendly operation offers easy access to change displays, T1 and T2, Difference, max/min/avg, hold, and °C/°F/K and back light. Resolution of 0,1°C or 1°C depending on scale.When in max/min/avg mode, the instrument will continiously update the highest, lowest and average temperature (average of max 9h 40m). A clock will indicate how long the duration of the max/min/avg. mode.

Note that the instrument accuracy does not take sensor accuracy into account.

Elma 712 is supplied ready to use, incl. protective rubber jacket, batteries, type k wire sensor and manual. 

Technical data: