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Elma 6700 - True RMS multimeter, IP67 and built-in data logger

CAT IV 600V, bluetooth communication and frequency counter

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Elma 6700 is a genuine True RMS multimeter with built-in data logger and Bluetooth communication. All professionals involved in measurements of current, voltage, resistance, temperature, etc. will enjoy to use this instrument. The instrument is approved for CAT IV 600V, and in addition IP 67 approved. The display can simultaneously display MIN / MAX / AVG values, minimizing the possibility of misreading. The built-in data logger can log up to 15 hours, limited by battery life, and makes measurement over time easy to perform. The logged data can either be processed and printed in the software, or viewed directly on the instrument screen, both as graphs and numbers. Measurements can be named directly on the meter, making documentation and retrieval of data easy. All saved data will have a time stamp.

The instrument has built-in 10 MHz frequency counter and a the large 50,000 counts LCD full graphics display. The display is backlit, so results and measurements are clearly visible. The multimeter is ideal for measurements on the process or control equipment. It has built-in 4-20mA loop measurement and can provide the results of the measurement in %.

If the measurements have to be documented and therefore processed through a PC, the built-in Bluetooth communication is an incredible time-saving feature that allows quickly and cable less communication. The instrument has rechargeable batteries. Auto range and auto zero function makes it easy to set up and configure the instrument. All factors for misuse are removed. The Multimeter meets the requirements of EN61326, EN61010-1, EN6101-02-031, and comes with test leads, Type K temperature probe, Bluetooth communication and software, rechargeable batteries and user manual.

Technical data:

  • Voltage
    -50m-500m-5-50-500-1000V AC / DC
  • Accuracy DC
    ± 0.05% + 5D AC: ± 0.3% + 25D
  • Bandwidth
  • Current
    0-500m-5000m-50m-500m-10A AC / DC
  • Resistance
    0-50-500-5k-50k-500k-5M 50MΩ;
  • Capacity
  • Frequency
  • Temperature
    -50 ... 1000 ° C
  • Diode Test
    0-2000mV, 0.9 mA <3.2 Vdc
  • Data Logger
    200.000 values in
  • sessions of 10.000
  • Display
    4 and 3 5/6 digits
  • Max. View
  • Battery
    7.4 V rechargeable battery pack (included)
  • Dimensions
    218x95x60 mm
  • Weight
    675 g