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Elma 6600 automation multimeter

Calibrator with integrated multimeter and memory

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Elma 6600 process multimeter is an indispensable instrument for every technician working with control and automation. As Elma 6600 is both a 0-24mA calibrator and standard TRMS multimeter, the instrument is suitable both to supply an automation circuit with an adjustable mA signal and measure when you need an ordinary true RMS multimeter- perfect for troubleshooting. Elma 6600 is supplied with large LCD display with light, automatically turned on when working in dark environment. When used as calibrator, the instrument has 3 main functions: • Supplying a passive current loop 0-24.000mA (internal battery supply 4.5V) • Simulating a 2 wire transmitter in an active current loop 0-24.000mA (External supply 6…48V) • Supplying a transmitter and monitoring the current in the loop (Loop power 24V/20mA) Elma 6600 has many additional functions making the instrument suitable for control and application troubleshooting. The test current can be set at either a locked value 0-24.000mA or run a programmed cycle. Four programmed cycles are available, with different scan/ramp intervals to select the one most suitable for your application. Elma 6600 is also a multimeter with all functions expected in a standard multimeter, like voltage, current, resistance, frequency, continuity with buzzer and diode test. The instrument also supports auto/manual range min/max/avg. and hold/relative. The build in memory is able to save 100 measurements. Afterwards the measurements can be viewed on the display or be transferred to PC. Cable and software are supplied with the instrument. Elma 6600 fulfills IEC 61010-1 Cat IV 600V. The instrument is delivered ready to use, with battery, test leads, crocodile clips, software and USB cable, manual and a strap to hang the instrument, so you have both hands free.

Technical data:

  • Calibrator
  • Current output
  • Resolution
  • Accuracy
    ± 0.05% + 5D
  • Loop supply
  • Loop supply (HART)
  • Loop current limit
  • Multimeter
  • Voltage
    0-50m-500m-5-50-500-1000V AC/DC
  • Current
    0-50m-1A AC/DC
  • Resistance
  • Frequency
  • Continuity
    Acoustic buzzer
  • Diode test current
    approx. 1mA
  • Memory
    100 memory
  • General data
  • Battery
    4 pcs. 1.5V LR6 alkaline (incl.)
  • Dimesions
  • Weight