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Elma 6501 cable length meter

Elma 6501 is a smart cable length meter

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Extremely simple operation when using the milliohm principle. Simple rotary switch for selection of standard cable dimensions from 0.15 to 240 square and push button for selection of aluminum or copper. In addition, 8 user-definable cable types. The Kelvin measuring principle automatically calibrates the resistance of the test leads and clamps, which, together with temperature compensation, ensures accurate results.

Elma 6501 is both a cable length meter and miliohmmeter, with a resolution down to 100µΩ, and can therefore also be used for measuring small resistances.

Measurement of cable lengths based on resistance, in contrast to cable length meters based on TDR reflectometer technology, does not depend on known NVP value (signal speed), which can often be unknown on installation cables. Just set the rotary switch to the cable dimension, join/short two conductors and connect clamps to the de-energized cable and read the result. The length is simply calculated on the basis of the measured resistance, which is predefined for standard cable dimensions. No complicated settings, just a simple reading.

The Elma 6501 cable length meter and milliohm meter is ready to use with 4-wire alligator clips test leads, batteries and manual.

Technical data:

  • Display :
    Backlit LCD
  • Range (km) max:
  • Best accuracy :
  • Application temperature (°C) max:
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