EAN 5706445640010 / EL-NR 6398955641

ELMA 641 – leakage detection on pressurerized air and other applications

Detects leakage on air, gas and vacuum installations as well as car windows and tank containers

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Elma 641 Easy Flex is an innovative tool for leakage detection on all kinds of pressurized and vacuum installations. Elma 641 Easy Flex detects sound in a spectrum around 40kHz, not audible to the human ear. Leaking air and even electrical sparks emits acoustics in this range. The sound is translated into a audible sound in the instrument and detected through the earphones. The Elma 641 Easy Flex is very simple to operate, meaning that every staff member is now able to perform leakage detection. If the surrounding noise level is very high, the accessory earmuffs with headphones is very effective, blocking out the environmental noise. The Elma 641 is delivered ready to use in transport case with standard headphones, batteries and manual.

Technical data:

  • Frequency (kHz) min:
  • Frequency (kHz) max:
  • Battery:
    1 pcs, 9V, Inkl.
  • Weight (g):