EAN 5706445689002 / EL-NR 6398689001

Elma 616UV - Infrared thermometer and UV leak detector

With intelligent laser marking, flashlight and adjustable emission

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Elma 616UV combines newest technology in infrared temperature measurement and UV leakage detection. This offers a new range of possibilities, if you service HVAC, automotive climate control or similar technologies. With the special blue light, trace gasses can be visibly detected and leaks identified. Elma 616UV has build in flashlight with white LED light and adjustable emission from 0.10 to 1.00, making the instrument unique when measuring on different surfaces. Elma 616UV provides min/max/avg. values and Hi/Low alarm function, making spot measurement fast and reliable. Using the Hi/Low alarm, quick measurements can be evaluated, not even looking at the display. The instrument will make a loud "beep" when the limit is crossed. Elma 616UV is provided with back lit display and newest laser technologi, where the spot area and distance is visible in the laser marking. The instrument is provided ready to use in rugged suitcase incl. battery and manual.

Technical data:

  • Battery:
    1x9V 6F22 (inkl.)
  • Dimensions:
  • Display:
    4 ciffer
  • Emission:
  • IR range:
  • IR resolution:
  • IR Temperature accuracy:
    ±1,5% eller ±1,5°C(hvilken der nu er størst)
  • Display:
  • Measurement conditions:
  • Net weight:
    380 g
  • Updated:
    04-08-2020 10:42