EAN 5706445150021 / EL-NR 6398206743

Elma 615A Professional duel thermometer -50...1200°C

Combines type K and IR measurement. With dual laser marker

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Elma 615A is a professional IR and type K thermometrer. Due to the large 50:1 measuring ratio Elma 615A is suitable for measurements on long distances. The instrument is provided with dual laser marker, indicating the area of measurement, ensuring accurate results. Elma 615A has max/min/avg hold, hi/low alarm and adjustable emmision factor. Furthermore the instrument has internal memory storing 100 results and USB connection for online monitoring on the supplied PC software. Elma 615A is provided ready to use with rechargable battery, USB cable, Software, type k wire sensor in a durable suitcase.

Technical data:

  • Display :
    LCD monocrom
  • Alarm:
  • Battery:
    9 Volt 6LR61 (inkl.)
  • Datalogger:
    100 dataplaceringer
  • Dimensions:
    140x50x210 mm
  • Display:
    Belyst multidisplay
  • Display hold:
    7 sek
  • Emission:
    0,10…1,00 (valgfri)
  • IR range:
  • IR resolution:
  • IR Temperature accuracy:
    '-50…20°C: ±3°C
    20…500°C: ±1,0% ±1°C
    500…1200°C: ±1.5%
  • Measurement conditions:
  • Net weight:
    400 g
  • Temperature range:
    Type-K: -50…1370°C: N/A
    '-50…1000°C: ±1.5%, ±3°C
    1000…1370°C: ±1.5%, ±2°C
  • Temperature resolution:
    Type K: 0,1°C<1000°C, 1°C>1000°C
  • Updated:
    04-08-2020 10:42
  • Temperature range Min (⁰C):
  • Temperature Range Max (⁰C):
  • Emission value adjustable:
  • Measurement ratio:
  • Laser marking:
    Target width height
  • Laser (number):
  • Type K sensor connection:
  • Battery:
    1 pcs, 9V, Incl.
  • Weight (g):
  • Dimensions HxBxD (mm):