Elma 612A Food - IR thermometer for food and industry

EAN 5706445150014 / EL-NR 6398206691
Elma 612A Food – IR thermometer for industrial and food applications Elma 612A is a new infrared thermometer ideal for the food sector. With the stringent requirements in the food sector it’s crucial to have an precise thermometer. Both in the food sector and in industrial application the Elma 612A handles easily because of the ergonomically design. The value is easily read on the large, backlit display. The value freezes in the display after measurement, making it easy for the operator to measure and read the correct value, minimizing the risk of wrong measurements. Elma 612A is rugged and uses the latest IR temperature technology. Elma 612A fulfills the stick requirements in the food industry with demands regarding accuracy and response time. The system accuracy is ±1,0°C and a laser pointer indicates the center of the measured area. The instrument provides a large range, -35°C to + 275°C, making the instrument suitable for all food measurements. Elma 612 is delivered ready to use incl. battery and manual.
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Technical data:

±1°C within 4…65°C
Measuring ratio:
Emission e:
0.97 fixed
Response time:
9V 6LR61 (Incl.)
186x45x38 mm
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Elma 612A Food - IR thermometer for food and industry
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