EAN 5703317620071 / EL-NR 6398204237

Elma 610A Infrared thermometer with double lasersight.

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Elma 610A is a super simple infrared thermometer, Which doesnt need to contact the object thats measured on. The short reaction time, approx. 0.15 seconds, makes Elma 610A suitable for rapid measurement, eg. screening of refrigerator-freezers, measurements on moving parts of machines and components in electronics. Elma 610A has an illuminated display and is equipped with the latest technology where a smart double laser marker indicates the size of the range, so the operator will have an indication on where there is measured. The instrument comes complete incl. bag, battery and the operator's manual.

Technical data:

  • Temperature range
  • Resolution
  • Accuracy
    ±1,0% eller ±2,5°C
  • Display
    3 1/2 ciff
  • Max Shown
  • Emission value
    0,95 fixed
  • Measuring ratio
  • Battery
    1x9V 6F22 (incl.)
  • Dimensions
    146x104x43 mm
  • Weight
    163 g