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Elma 6100EVSE multimeter with BT and CP EVSE readout

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Elma 6100EVSE is a solid true RMS AC/DC mini multimeter with Bluetooth function. The instrument measures current, voltage, frequency, capacity, resistance, and continuity. In addition, the instrument is equipped with a special area for external current clamp. It can measure up to 3000A with flex clamp (ElmaFlex 430).

The unique EVSE function in the Elma 6100EVSE also converts the CP signal from the EVSE charging socket for electric cars directly into an ampere value. If it is used e.g. with the Elma EVSE-200 (available as an accessory on this page), the CP DutyCycle signal from the charger can be read directly as amperes, instead of the classic Hz% signal. So, set e.g. The Elma EVSE-200 CP switch on 32A, which simulates that the car is "asking" for 32A, and read the electric car charger's response to what it can offer, directly as e.g. 16A.

With the Bluetooth function and the free APP Elma Link, which is available for both iOS and Android, the Elma 6100BT becomes a safe and smart documentation tool. See your display directly on your Android/iOS device and take measurements at a safe distance from dangerous voltage. View and record all values, curves, directly on the phone. You can save and attach images with comments and share e.g., through e-mail.

Elma 6100EVSE has a large, illuminated display and is equipped with a powerful LED flashlight, data hold max/min and auto power off. The instrument meets EN61010-1 CAT III 600 V standards and is supplied with test leads, batteries and a manual.


Technical data:

  • DC V range:
  • AC V range:
  • DC A range:
  • AC A range:
  • Max. Display:
    3 6/7 ciffer, 6000 counts
  • Resistance range:
  • Capacity range:
  • Frequency range:
  • Display:
    3 6/7 ciffer, 6000 counts
  • Battery:
    2 x 1,5V LR03 AAA (Incl.)
  • Net weight (kg):
  • Dimensions: