Elma 4000/B102 Leak current locator

with Ø112mm current clamp

EAN 5706445110988 / EL-NR
Elma 4000/D37N is the ideal kit to identify fails to ground in IT and TT nets and leak current in IT, TN and TT nets. The set consist of a 4Hz transmitter and a receiver with a current clamp to pick up the signal and read out the fail to ground or leakage current. Using the transmitter to detect (IT net): The generator is inserted between any phase and ground. The current clamp is connected to the digital receiver and the fault to ground is read out as a percentage (%) of the full generator loop power. The Generator is supplied with 230V and a LED will flash with the signal frequency. Using only the clamp (All nets): The current clamp is connected to the receiver and the leakage current is read directly as mA. The selector is set at 50Hz A/mA and the clamp should enclose all wires including the neutral. Elma 4000/B102 is delivered ready to use in a suitcase with Generator, reciever and current clamp type B102 Ø112mm.
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Technical data:

230V / 45...65Hz / 4VA
4Hz, ≤30mA, ≤15Vrms
32kΩ @ 50Hz
4Hz signal:
Continuous or pulse
Voltage on sockets:
9V battery (incl.)
+/- 1% + clamp accuracy
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Elma 4000/B102 Leak current locator
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