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Elma 2100X – KAT IV Voltage tester with display

Voltage/Continuity/phase rotation

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Elma 2100X is a new and unique voltage tester with high safety and lots of clever details including: Long and highly flexible lead, fast attachment “click on” of test probe to the instrument, changeable test tips 2/4 mm and integrated protective cover with sockets to prevent loosing the test tips. In addition to the display, Elma 2100X have many extra functions to ease the work dag, for example full voltage indication without batteries, preventing accidents and misreading. The instrument has auto select of function, making it virtually impossible to operate wrong.

  • Perfect for measuring on charging sockets and charging stands EVSE for electric cars
  • Voltage test, 2 pole with LED (12-690V AC/DC)
  • Voltage test on display (7-800V AC/DC)
  • Voltage test, 1 pole, indicating phase
  • Phase rotation test, 2 pole
  • Continuity with LED and acoustic signal
  • Automatic self test function.
  • Full voltage indication, even without batteries
  • Automatic on/off function – no buttons
  • Build in, bright white, LED flashlight
  • Double insulation, IP65, GS approved CAT IV 600V

Elma 2100X is provided with battery and fulfills IEC 61243-3, EN 61010-1 KAT IV 600 and TUV/GS.

Technical data:

  • AC V range:
    12, 24, 50, 120, 230, 400 og 690V AC/DC
  • Battery:
    2x1,5V LR03 (inkl.)
  • Ingress Protection (IP):
  • Dimensions:
    246 x 64 x 29mm
  • Security category:
  • Operating temperature:
  • Phase sequence test:
    2 polet princip, 200-690V 50/60Hz
  • Continuity test:
    0-400 kΩ;
  • IEC 61010 Category:
    IEC 61010-1 KAT IV 600V / KAT III 690V.
    IEC 61243-3 / 61010-031 / 61557-7, TUV/GS, dobbeltisoleret
  • IP Rating:
  • Net weight:
  • Voltage tester range:
    100-690V AC
  • Voltage range:
    7,0 – 800/720V AC/DC
  • Test current A:
    < 3,5mA
  • Type of wire:
  • Max voltage AC (V):
  • Max voltage DC (V):
  • IEC/EN 61243-3:
  • Current measurement:
  • Battery:
    2 pcs, AAA, Inkl.
  • Weight (g):
  • Dimensions HxBxD (mm):