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ELMA 1352C - Lyd- & støjmåler med indbygget datalogger

- PC Communication og Windows software

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Elma 1352C is a sound and noise instrument with a build-in datalogger. It can store up to 32.000 measurements. The instrument is built to comply with IEC 61672-1 class 2 for sound meters. The instrument has many features; lightning display with analog bargraph, min/max hold, automatic/manual range selection, analog AC/DC output, calibration control, C-A filter, watch, fast/slow measurement, and options for external voltage supply.

It is easy to programme Elma 1352C via a PC. Once the instrument is programmed you can measure several different objects without being connected to a PC. When the measurements are finished, connect the instrument to a PC and the software will display the measured/collected values on the PC display, as a digital display, analog instrument, XY-graph or a list showing the time. It is also possible to save the results in a file for further analysis in a spreadsheet.

Elma 1352C can also be used for collecting sound and noice while connected to a PC. This function makes it able to record 99.999 measurements. If the sound level meter is used when it is connected to a PC it can be operated remotely by using the software, and it can show sound level curves with a resolution in 1/4  seconds.

Elma 1352C has a build-in manual datalogger than can store 99 measurements. These can be displayed directly on the instrument. If you use the analog output the sound level meter can be used with e.g., a printer or a frequency analyzer.

Elma 1352C has a lot of features and is delivered in a bag incl. windshield, batteries, software, USB-cable and instructions.