EAN 7392016000307 / EL-NR 6398402220

Elma CT200 – 200mA Continuity tester

– with extremely bright LED torch

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The Sagab by Elma CT200 is a useful tool for electricians in their day-to-day work, particularly when verifying continuity prior to commissioning of electrical installations. CT200 test continuity with 200mA test current and indicates voltage and resistance levels with LED´s. The extremely bright build in LED torch function gives several possibilities and ensures that you always has a good work light. Sagab by Elma CT200 is supplied with carrying case, test leads, crocodile clip and batteries. APPLICATIONS: – Continuity with 200mA test current – Calibration of resistance in test leads – Voltage indicator – Torch function with bright LED’s – More than 6000 measurements using a single set of batteries

Technical data:

  • Resistance
    0-20ohm (Seven LED’s 0,2-0,5-1-2-5-10-20ohm)
  • Rated test current
    200mA at 0 ohm
  • Rated test voltage
  • Continuity
    Acoustic signal by Resistance < 1 ohm
  • Voltage
    About 1,5...300V AC, in steps: 10, 20, 40, 100, og 300V
  • IP rating
  • Battery
    3 x 1,5V AA (Incl.)
  • Dimensions
    29 x 110 x 68mm
  • Weight
    200g (including batteries)