EAN 5706445320851 / EL-NR 6398615457

Cable reel Elma X-Reel

Mini cable reel 33m with shoulder strap

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The Elma X-Reel is a new smart cable reel with safety test lead. The cable reel is equipped with handy shoulder strap and a handle making use easy. The cable reel is also equippet with a unique track, which straightens out any curls during reeling, this means thay you always have a straight test lead. The Elma X-Reel is ideal for measuring protective conductors, where a long test lead is often needet. The cable reel contains 33 meters 0.75 mm2 black PVC lead. Meets IEC 61010-1 CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V.

Technical data:

  • Load:
    max 2A
  • IEC 61010 Category:
    Kat III 1000V- Kat IV 600V
  • Square:
  • Length:
  • Length (m):