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Elma-32 Battery tester w/Elma logo

The Elma 32 Battery Tester is designed for measuring the internal impedance and open-circuit voltage of the battery types including Nickel-metal hydride battery (NiMH), Nickel-cadmium battery (NiCd), Lithium-ion battery (Li-ion), Alkaline battery and Lead-Acid battery.

Four-terminal method measures the internal impedance with high accuracy, by eliminating lead impedance and contact impedance to get accurate results.

Dual display to show the internal impedance and voltage of the battery simultaneously.

It has 99 sets of composite comparator function, which can be set at impedance and voltage values to get the reliable detection of battery deterioration.

Pin type leads, which can easily contact the battery electrodes supplied as standard to get more accurate 4-terminal measurement.

Instrument is delivered ready for use including 6 pcs. of AA 1,5V batteries, 4-wire test leads with both big and small pin-type crocodile clips, manual and software on CD.

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Elma-32 Battery tester w/Elma logo

EAN 5706445340323

EL-NR 6398204321

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