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Elma BM 525 - True RMS Data Logging Multimeter CAT IV 1000V
Elma BM 525 is a very safe multimeter with built-in data logger, which makes it possible to store up to 87,000 measurements at intervals as low as 50ms without connection to a PC. The data logger is programmed quickly and easily directly on the instrument using only four keys. After the measurement, all values can be seen directly on the instrument. It is also possible to transfer the measurements to the suppkied software for further processing. Elma BM 525 sets new standards for what you can expect from a digital multimeter. Cool new features like "Auto Check" and "Low Z" and an IEC 61010-1 approval for CAT IV 1000V makes Elma BM 525 unsurpassed. AutoCheck is an intelligent function that automatically detects and selects AC voltage, DC voltage and continuity test/resistance. All you have to do is turn on the instrument and measure. Low Z is voltage measurement with low impedance, which means that the measured object is under load and thus ensures that the “real” voltage is measured. Elma BM 525 is equipped with large backlit dual display and fast analog bar graph. The instrument measures True RMS AC + DC voltage, current, frequency, resistance, capacitance, diode, continuity, temperature and difference temperature. Elma BM 525 has a number of additional features including 1ms crest / peak hold, max / min, relative measurement, data hold, auto-off, auto / manual range selection and USB port for PC communication. With PC communications and Windows software, it is possible to make online data logging, where the measured data can be displayed as: Digital display, analogue display, graph / chart and table. With the instrument connected to the PC, data can be saved in intervals from 1 second to 1 hour. Elma BM 525 is UL listed and meets IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 1000V. The instrument is equipped with highly efficient fuses and comes complete incl. Windows software, USB cable, temperature sensor (-50 to 250 ° C), battery, test leads and sturdy rubber cover.
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Elma BM 525 - True RMS Data Logging Multimeter CAT IV 1000V

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