Elma P750 – Digital high precision thermometer ±0,03°C

Incl. PT100 probe and system calibration

EAN 5706445150045 / EL-NR 6398206808
Elma P750 is a rugged thermometer with extreme precision. Suitable for high precision measurement in laboratories and in industry where accurate measurements are crucial. The probe is PT100 class 173 DIN 4 wire circuit. This removes any offset from wire and connections, adding to the accuracy. Elma P750 is compatible with a wide variety of probes like air temperature and humidity. Using a humidity probe, dew point can be measured on pressurized air to 20 bar. Elma P750 is ergonomically designed for easy handling. Easy menus and quick buttons makes control easy. The instrument is supplied with an USB socket for online measurement to PC (Software and cable is accessories). The large, backlit, dual display makes reading fast. The instrument offers max hold, °C/°F and resolution of 0.01 °C/°F. The series of high precision instruments is larger than shown here. Please contact Elma Instruments if you don’t find the model you need here. Elma P750 is delivered in rugged case, ready to use incl. calibration, PT100 probe and manual.
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Technical data:

Range (instrument):
Range (Pt-100 probe):
±0,03°C or 0,05% (greatest)
0,01°C (≤ ± 200°C or 0,1°C)
Connection wire (PT100):
150 cm
9V 6F22 (incl.)
Dimensions (Probe):
Dimensions (Instrument):
300 g
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Elma P750 – Digital high precision thermometer ±0,03°C
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