Elma VoltStick® Wide - 12 to 1000V AC

EAN 5706445240036 / EL-NR 6398401768

Elma VoltStick® Wide is a super sensitive proximity tester indicating voltage down to 12V AC. The instrument indicates without electrical and metallic touch, easy and secure AC voltage. When there is voltage (phase) present, it is indicated by a sharp and clear orange light. Elma VoltStick® Wide meets IEC 61010-1 CAT III 1000V/KAT IV 600V and comes complete incl. guidance and batteries. Elma VoltStick® Wide is ideal for monitoring example.: - Fuses, without being taken out. - Pick Secure sockets without separation. - Cables and wires, finds any. breaking through the mantle. - Daisy chains, find any. defective lamps. - Does the stage, even in large cable bundles / boards.

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Technical data:

Voltage range 1:
50 - 1000V AC
Voltage range 2:
12 - 1000V AC
2x1, 5V LR 03 (included)
146x 18 mm
40 grams
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Elma VoltStick® Wide - 12 to 1000V AC
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