Elma smoke pen – fast and easy test of airflow

EAN 5706445540006 / EL-NR 6398952372
The Elma smoke pen is small and fast to use, when you need to see the airflow. The smoke pen is ideal for many applications e.g. ventilation, exhaust, smoke alarms, draft, leaks etc. The principle of the smoke pen is simply to light a special wick and blow out the flame. The wick now emits smoke for about half an hour. When the test is finished, the glow tip can simply be extinguished, making one wick last for many tests. The smoke contains no hazardous or corrosive substances and is environmental friendly. The smoke pen is delivered ready to use incl. smoke wicks, protective lid and manual. Extra wicks are available in the tab “Accessories”.
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Technical data:

Uninterrupted burn:
30 minutes
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Elma smoke pen – fast and easy test of airflow
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