Elma MagnetStick® - Magnetic Field Tester

EAN 5706445620043 / EL-NR 6398401810

Elma MagnetStick® is a small and clever "Pen-tool" for test of magnetism without metallic contact. The tip of Elma MagnetStick® is simply placed close to the test point and will light in clear red light, if a magnetic field is present. Indispensable for testing: - Pneumatics and hydraulics - Oil and gas burners - Appliances and white goods

MagnetStick® Stick provides easy and safe testing, without contact with live circuits. Supplied ready to use incl. batteries and test magnet.

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Technical data:

Permanent magnets and coils AC / DC
2x1,5V LR03 (incl.)
Dimensions :
45 grams
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Elma MagnetStick® - Magnetic Field Tester
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