Elma DGS 10- Gas detector from Digitron

Suitable for leakage detection of flammable gasses

EAN 5706445270248 / EL-NR 6398732660
DGS-10 is a new developed gas leakage detector, indicating on most flammable gasses e.g. acetone, alcohol, ammonium, methane, butane, propane, jet fuel, kerosene, hydrogen sulfate, paint thinner and solvents. DGS 10 is equipped with adjustable sensibility and the sensor head on a long, flexible gooseneck, to “test around corners”. The instrument have both visual and acoustic alarm, audible even in noisy environment. The instrument is delivered in rugged rubber cover, providing high protection. The instrument is ideal for leakage sniffing on gas installations. The instrument is delivered ready to use with rubber cover, batteries and manual. Note: Not suitable for detection of CO.
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266.00 EUR
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Technical data:

Adustable alarm:
0-2% (40% LEL)
Sensor gooseneck:
2 pcs. LR06 (AA)
155x67x40 mm
200 g
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Elma DGS 10- Gas detector from Digitron
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